Tuesday, 26 January 2010

BCW in London

Last Sunday (the 24th) Bristol Class War went for a jolly up to London.
We attended a meeting with Class War groups from Norwich, Halifax, Leeds, Brighton and Southampton, Hereford, Cambridge and London to discuss whats going on locally and nationally.

There was also a meet with people from Freedom Press,Liberty and Solidarity,IWW,Anarchist Federation,Antifa,Camden anarchists,Croydon anarchists and Whitechapel Anarchists about a General Election Campaign.

There is lots planed for Bristol, so look out for us.
Nationally Class War will be holding rally on March 31st in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Poll Tax riot.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Section 5 of the Public Order Act. What a load of bollocks.

This law means if your walking down the street telling your mate what a cunt your boss is and a copper overhears you. The copper can ask you to pay an on the spot £80 fine or arrest you and give you a court date where you could pay £1,000 fine. And this is cause your language may be '' threatening, abusive or insulting''. How vague is that. You could call some one a numpty and that could be seen as ''insulting''.
Now I don't think walking down the street shouting cunt shit fuck and any child that looks at you is alright. But this is just another stupid law that we've managed without for years.
This law also applies to what your wearing. There was a bloke a while back selling 'Bollocks to Blair' t shirts who was fined him £80 for causing harassment, alarm and distress. Now to me the Police uniform causes ''harassment, alarm and distress'', but I don't think I'd ever get £80 out of them.

First things last

Bristols' major bus operator First are offering a wonderful free medical service to their drivers because they are such a compassionate and caring multinational. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. They have contracted private company 'Cotswold Medical' to examine drivers and declare them fit for work when their own GP and consultants have said otherwise. This comes only months after another private medical outfit 'Active Health Partners' (AHP) lost their contract with the company because sickness absence increased. These fucking clowns advised one driver to go to A&E with an ear infection after seeing their own GP and given medication. The driver obediently waited four hours with the seriously injured at the BRI only to be spoken to into his pustulated ear by an indignant doctor to stop wasting their valuable time. He couldn't help but agree and meekly sloped off with an embarrassed glow. So concerned are First Bus UK with the welfare of their drivers that the HR department go out of their way to impoverish them when ill by stopping their statutory sick pay. The deviants only cough up when the definition of 'statutory' is explained to them. Doctors certificates and company documents have been known to magically vanish.

Privatisation of Bristol NHS

Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust is in the process of applying for Foundation Trust Status, which appears to be back door privatization. It is not only NHS Trusts that can become Foundation Trusts. Private company's like Bupa can apply to run services or even the whole of the Trust. Once they have become a Foundation Trust they could outsource some or all of their functions to the private sector. Now the Government are saying that having a Foundation Trust would be better for us (as they always know whats best) because we could become members of the Foundation Trust, have in input into Trust expenses and vote on who goes on the Boards of Governors. So there would be more accountability. Now as we all know the words 'Government', 'Expenses' and 'Accountability' don't really go hand in hand.