Friday, 10 December 2010

Riots and Royals

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Theres a great clip showing on tv of a group of masked black youths being interviewed…’We come from the slums of London….’ it begins. What has come from the month of protests is the emergence of class consciousness amongst teenagers.It is fucking phenomenol. the rich are targets whether its the Bullingdon Club, the Royals or Sir Philip Green. Yesterday was reminiscent of both the poll Tax Riot and the Gordon riots as a rich hating mob stormed through the streets.The stewards never had any control, the kids acted spontaneosly and everyone rioting was quoting the Poll TaxRiot as the tempate for actionNOT the useless anti-war marches. The candelight vigil and the queue of Labour MPs waiting to address us were binned as ‘not wanted on voyage’.
The kids came with small groups of mates and hunour, inventiveness, tenacity and ferocity. The morning after as the witch hunt begins is not the time to keep our heads down but to up the ante, keep the momentum going and organise the next round of street actions. If the left now bottles it and fails to sustain momentum then its down to the anarchists to organise the next one.Organise and celebrate yesterday comrades…but theres more coming the way of the fucking rich…..much more.’WE COME FROM THE SLUMS OF LONDON’

Thursday, 2 December 2010

How to be safe when protesting.

Top work by everyone out last Tuesday. We have enjoyed reading what Chief Inspector Mark Jackson has been saying in the Evening Post. He's been waring people to "BE CAREFUL who you follow". He also said '' Just like last week, the genuine students have been well-behaved and compliant.'' By compliant he means Stopped, Kettled, Searched, Beaten, Arrested. Well we at Bristol Class War are happy not be compliant. And we are very happy to support people who feels the same.

If you were Kettled and you don't feel like being Kettle again here are some points we've taken from The Wombles ( and Indymedia (

Sticking Together
Always try to form an affinity group before setting out, and at the very least have a buddy system in place, whereby everybody has one person to look out for them and to act with when a situation arises.

Affinity groups are just a handful of people who work together as a unit, as and when circumstances arise. They can meet beforehand to discuss issues and possible reactions, practice or role play scenarios. The more your group meets, the quicker your reaction times will get and your effectiveness will improve. It also makes the classic “let’s stick together” agreement breaking up into individuals-wandering-off-at-the-first-opportunity less likely. Affinity groups can often act without the need for internal discussion - they naturally develop their own shorthand communications and can divide up skills and equipment amongst each other. Water, (bicycle) D-Locks, paint, First Aid, food, banners and spare clothes is a lot for one person to carry, but divided up between 5 people it’s nothing.

Pay attention to what you are going to wear in advance. Although not many people want to go to a protest or a demo dressed in full body armour, consider precautions that are discrete, adaptable, easy to use & discard. Thinking about these threats in advance will help:

1) Surveillance.
The purpose is to collect intelligence, evidence and to intimidate. Evidence gatherers (EVGs) will specifically focus on individuals that they can get a conviction for, whereas the more independent Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) will target people they know. Though the functions are different, all footage can be used for whatever final purpose.

The cut off sleeve of a long sleeved T-shirt (or a head-over) makes a good mask. Wear it casually aroung your neck. If you wear glasses, use a cut-off section of a short stocking (hold-ups work best as they have thick elastic) instead of a T-shirt; this prevents glasses steaming up. You can use it as a hair tie, if you are a hippy type, until you need it.

A hooded top will cover most of your face, and a baseball cap on its own provides good protection from most static cameras, which are usually mounted high up. Cameras can also be in helmets, ear-pieces or mobile on or in vehicles.

Sunglasses give good protection against harmful rays including UV and CCTV.

2) Truncheon blows.
A placard makes a good temporary shield and light strips of plastic under your clothing on the forearm could offer some subtle protection, as do ‘padded’ baseball caps. The best protective clothing however is a good pair of running shoes.

3) CS and Pepper Spray.
Used to disperse crowds or subdue you, through temporary irritation or pain. They can get under contact lenses, stick to natural-fibre clothing, oil-based make-up and lotions. Stay calm and call for a street medic if available. Otherwise, get yourself out of the area, don't rub it in, remove contaminated clothing and try to keep your eyes open so the wind can help it evaporate, or flush (not dilute) it out with much cold or tepid water.

4) Baton charges.
If you want to take a banner, use a long strip of plastic haulage tarpaulin (taught-liner) rather than a sheet. This can be used as a movable barrier to stop charging police or for you to advance behind (see more info in Counter Advancing section later in this guide). Generally cops only advance 20 yards or so, then stop, regroup, then again. Panic stampeding and fear are often worse dangers. Check section 6, on barricades, under Defending below.

5) Dogs
Increasingly used even for ‘hippy riots’ - generally used to intimidate, reinforce thin lines or hold sterile zones behind a police line or charge. Bark, bite, release... They are well-trained, command driven, and trained to scare you. If brave, make padding (e.g. old tyres) for your lower arm and give ‘em a chew, to help others get past; disguise it or you may make yourself a target for snatch squads. They target individuals only, so either crowd them, or best be the sacrificial lamb!

6) Horses
They try to keep in formation. Used to disperse a crowd, get it moving/panicking, to make space in a crowd for cops on foot, or in small groups, siding-on to push the crowd. So fill space behind horses, and try not to panic. Suspend nets at horse rider level, ie above your head height and just right for volleyball. Make staggered barricades, or scatter debris - they don’t need to be high. The horses’ll jump and then slide, and their riders will fall. Warning: contains scenes of potential human/horse harm and gluten - bring your parent along.

7) Vans
They've been used side-on as large mobile fences for containment, sometimes as a second line of defence, and rarely to break up crowds. Used to pre-emptively take space where we're going to be, for later tactical use.

8) Tasers
We're not aware of their use in large crowd situations; they're primarily a one-use weapon.

If you aren’t doing anything else you should always be defending. Whether that means securing a building, strengthening your position on the street, barricading (see later) or protecting others. Here are some ideas:

1) Keep looking outwards. Your friends shouldn’t be insulted by you not looking at them when talking - face towards any potential threat, e.g. the boys & girls in blue.

2) Form cordons as much as possible. Anything the police want, including buildings and especially sound systems, need a strong outwardly-facing cordon. Things may be quiet and you’ll feel like a prick linking arms with complete strangers, but do it. Repeat this mantra: ‘Its not a hippy peacenik thang, its a rock hard revolutionary thang.’ Take a leaf out of the police manual: stand like you’re about to do ‘the conga’, and stick your right hand down the back of the trousers or belt of the person in front, repeat along the line, asking permission first. Its virtually unbreakable, and will leave a hand free.

3) Someone needs to watch the police from a good vantage point, or have spotters on bicycles, so that their next move can be pre-empted. Remember, give info about what's happening, not instructions. On top of the sounds van is not a good place; no one can hear when you shout ‘here come the dog handlers! Fucking run!’ and any gestures you do will be interpreted as dancing...

4) Sitting down is very occasionally good for dissuading the senior officer from making the decision to charge, but you should only do it in large numbers and the crowd needs to feel confident. It has worked in situations where the decision has yet been made how to move us, or where they don't have enough officers. It has not worked when they've already made the decision or started moving. It's about making it too hard for them, not relying on their humanity. Most often it doesn't work, and the first lines will get seriously injured, as you are immobile and vulnerable.

5) Throwing stuff as a defensive tactic. Throwing stuff with the aim of harming the police doesn't work and is counterproductive - it only winds them up so they hit you harder. If you want to throw do it defensively, strategically and en masse - a constant hail of debris creates ‘sterile zones’ into which the police won’t want to go, thus keeping them at arms length. Paint on cops’ visors, aimed especially at higher ranks and intelligence gatherers, can be a temporary advantage. Rape alarms etc chucked into their lines will make it difficult for them to give or get orders, and disorientate them.

REMEMBER: don’t throw to attack or cause injury. Only throw from near the front, then disappear into the crowd. Only wankers throw from the back.

6) Solid impassable barricades are more hassle than they're worth - it will reduce your own options when you need to run. Bear in mind that anything you build now you are likely to get dragged over later, leave out the barbed wire. The best barricades are random matter strewn all over the place, one of the best defences against baton and horse charges. Horses can’t easily charge over them, police find it hard to hold a line in amongst them, but individuals can easily pick their way through. Police think, act and move in lines.

7) The best form of defence of all is chaos! A complicated hierarchy needs orders to act on and those orders come from individuals making informed decisions. If the situation changes constantly they simply cannot keep up. Keep moving all the time, weave in and out of the crowd. Change your appearance. Open up new directions and possibilities, be unpredictable. If you find yourself stood still and passive for more than a minute then you’ve stopped acting defensively.

How To Break The Kettle: An Illustrated Scientific Guide

Wedges are really a kind of inclined plane. A wedge is two inclined planes back to back against each other. The mechanical advantage you get from a wedge depends on how thick it is. A thick short wedge will split things apart faster, but you'll have to use more force. A thin long wedge will be easier to drive in, but it will take longer to split something. Today we have many different uses for wedges.

Sometimes life present us with a problem that we cannot solve without the use of a classic piece of scientific thinking. In today's puzzle, we are trapped in a kettle, surrounded by police officers and we want to get out of it. We have tried shouting en masse 'let us go!' but this has not worked for us. Next we need to do some collective thinking and put a new plan in effect.

The first thing we should do is look for which police line seems the weakest and with the best chance of escape should we break the line. This may be a line of normal cops without riot gear and usually only one officer deep. Here how the work might proceed.

In Fig 1 we see the crowd attempt to break the police line by using opposing force. This can sometimes work but usually the police can brace themselves and hold each other and thus hold the line. In this way, the strength of the crowds' force is lessened and absorbed by the police line.

In Fig 2 we the crowd attempt to get technical and use a banner or metal barrier to push the police. The same dynamic occurs again and the crowds' force is lessened and absorbed by the police line.

In Fig 3, the crowd has decided to form a wedge shape to drive a gap in the police line and follow though, the thickness of the crowd opening more and more of the police line up.

In Fig 4, the crowd knows that the police line weak points are at the extreme ends of the line as the final police person has no brace or support. The crowd attempts two pushes on the line at the weak points.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

24th November Student Protests

We had a great day supporting the students. Instead of the usual A to B march they had the Police on the back foot all day. With alot of kettles resisted and Bristol uni being occupied. It's been the best we've seen Bristol in along time.
Bristol Class War along with the IWW and AFed handed out bust cards (Cards that have information and what your rights are if arrested on them) and talked to people about how to protest safely.
A second Day of Action has been called for the 30th of November and we are looking forward to it.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A day of action 24th November

Bristol Class War are supporting all protests against the cuts. A day of action has been called for Wednesday 24th November. Widespread disruption has been predicted as students staged sit-ins, occupations or walkouts at universities and further education colleges. It's not just the students having all the fun. Pensioners, claimants and workers will be out to.

For more info on what's going on locally see

Anti Cuts Action Bristol (ACAB)

Bristol and District Anti-cuts alliance

Or for national info see

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Students doing the business

This is a report from Leeds Class War Students.

First and controversially i want to give credit where it is due to the student members not only of the SWP but also of the other “trot” student groups. I’m not one to usually say this as the SWP are a hundred times more annoying to deal with in the small pond of the university than they are in the real world. But these comrades, and I today have no difficulty calling them comrades, actually followed their words with deeds and got stuck in with the rest of us, paper sales forgotten. Today these people acted like class conscious students and not like the pawns of their political cliques and I only hope they can keep it up.

Secondly and to some equaly controversially, i am pleased to say that the anarchos and libertarians were completely out done by our “non-political” fellow students. I don’t want to sound all wanky and go on about Temporary Autonomous Zones but something did seem to happen when that glass broke, it seemed that peoples inhibitions smashed with it. We all suddenly came to realise that the police were not only out numbered but out manoeuvred and out gunned. Students baring placard with slogans like “I only popped out for a pint of milk” were in no time at all happily breaking them over the heads of the nearest copper. And the first chant that these silverspooned students began after the doors went down and people got inside: “burn it down!-burn it down!- burn it down!” We realised that we not only controlled the entire building but also the square in front of it and the road it was on, the police were kettled in by us! Fires started to appear as people began stripping the card board from their placards in order to pass the wooden sticks to the front line burning the resulting piles. As the smoke rose so did the song (which leeds class war students did have the honour of singing first at the millbank) sing along with me: “build a bonfire, build a bonfire but the tories on the top! Put the libdems/coppers/bosses in the middle and we’ll burn the bloody lot!”. The samba band was met by a huge cheer, seriously, and believe me comrades there is nothing better than fighting against a police line with a tribal drum beat at you back.

Throwing shit at copper quickly became a student game, the scoring as follows: 10 points if you throw something and you hit a cop 20 points if you take a swing at one 50points if your blow/object hurts 100 points for blood/hospitalisation with bonus points awarded for the stealing of trunchions shields and helmets. We were a bit unsure of what to do with the truncions and helmets one we had them not finding them very effective against the cops body armour so these too became projectiles.
At the climax it started to snow. Students from the roof had located large foam fire extinguishers and set them off from the top of the building, dubstep blaring from the bike sound sytems and chants and songs rippling across the crowd the violence against the building and the coppers seemed to become part of the dance, quite litterally in some cases, students would dance in the buffer zone infront of the police only to finish their set with a well aimed kick punch of lugie to the face of a cobble stone through a window. as soon at the fire extinguisers were empty these too became weapons hurled down from the roof on the heads of the coppers forcing them to retreat under the awning of the building allowing the students to tighten their corden around them.

Bouncing along to a samba beat with an in time rendition of “lets go fucking mental” I felt that this could really be the beginning of something big, hopefully now the anarchist movement and in particular our elders and betters, and all those who still beleive that you can’t be working class and go to uni will give the students the support they deserve AND stop treating them as a seperate class in society, use us! We are workers, in fact we are paying huge sums of money to be trained in to better workers we’re angry and have litle to lose.

Leeds Class war students favourite chant: “we ‘ate tories and we ‘ate tories, we ‘ate tories and we ‘ate tories, we ‘ate tories and we ‘ate tories, we are the tory [clap] haters!

It helped that the anarchist students were fairly on it: smashing down the cctv cameras and sending the fit team off with a bleeding head very early on in the proceedings, but all in all I’m happy to announce we were outclassed by the ingenuity and fighting spirit of students who had never been on a demo before.


I’ll leave the last words to my fellow students, chanting in unison against the terrified and out numbered metropolitan police: “You ain’t seen nothing yet, b-b-b-baby you just ain’t seen nothing yet”….

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Tory Party Conference


Bristol Class War attended the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham yesterday (October the 3rd) joining other Class War groups,the IWW and Whitechapel Anarchist Group. On the march we quickly formed alongside a well numbered Black Bloc (#1) which at first seemed well fired up. One copper came over to try and remove a banner off a the group which read "Fuck the big society" a point he obviously disagreed with. But he changed his tune very quickly when he found himself surrounded by 20 of the Black Block.

At one point the march got close to the Conference center. There was military style blockades and a fair few coppers. Instead of following the march, the Black Block thought they'd have ago. But once they got to the Police line it seems the majority of people we happy with just standing in front of the Police. After a couple of minutes of nothing the Block rejoined the march.

What started as a tight Block essentially got split from this point onwards. There were a few attempts to kettle the Block which were evaded. We then got to a point where the road split from the designated march route. So the Block moved away from the march off a junction. The Police were very quick to respond, cordoning the front of the block. At this point some members escaped as there was no Police line at the back. The rest of the Block was then kettled. An attempt was made to break the kettle but only half of the block were involved in this. The Police line could have been broken if the whole block combined their efforts. The block was held as more coppers came in, the block was then marched slowly over the fly over, where it was met by a sea of high vis.The block was then Section 60'ed (#2) where people were searched and photographed. Some resisted but were drag out of the Block.
After the Section 60 the Block were slowly released into the Trot car park where people were getting their buses home.We then regrouped in a local boozer.

Bristol Class War heard that the evening events held a bit more action. With many Conference attendees proudly walking around Birmingham with their Conservative Party lanyards round their necks. Someone was heard telling one of them they had to remove their lanyard before entering the building. When the Tory asked why? They were told ''Cause it's fucking disgusting.''

1# A black bloc is a tactic for protests and marches, whereby individuals wear black clothing, scarfs and ski masks. The clothing is used to avoid being identified.
2# Section 60 of the Public Order Act. When this is in place you can be stoped, searched and photographed.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Birmingham 3rd of October


Nurses in the NHS work hard in difficult circumstances and are thus highly regarded by the majority of the country. They suffer verbal hostility and abuse on a regular basis and violence is a common occurrence, particularly in A&E and mental health departments. Despite the NHS staff remain dedicated to those who require care.
It is somewhat of a surprise then that this commitment and dedication doesn’t cross over into the political arena.
For many years the refusal of nursing staff to take any proactive actions to prevent damage to services and care has been justified by the simple doctrine of ‘If we strike people will suffer’. A doctrine actively encouraged by management and successive Governments.
So it appears that whilst nurses refuse to take any action which will immediately impact on patient care, they remain complicit in the deterioration of the same care over a number of years by neglecting to defend it.
The NHS has been slipping into the private market place for many years now. Almost all non-frontline services are now run by private businesses eg cleaning, food and repair services. All this has happened without so much as a whimper of concern from staff or unions. The formation of Foundation Trusts and giving GP’s the responsibly to but services in, will only serve to speed up the privatisation process.
If nurses were to go on strike how long would it be before the Government were forced to make concessions? It wouldn’t be possible to bring the Army in as they have done when Fire services have walked out, and there is certainly not enough scab labour to fill the role. Nurses therefore are in a very unique position to halt this privatisation.
The time has long passed for the signing of petitions or looking for unions for support. Lose your short sighted idealistic vision of how to care and get on strike before the NHS doesn’t exist.

We’re First, your Last, We’re

First UK shares are doing well at the moment, what an unsurprising shame that the services aren't improving and drivers pay and conditions are worsening.
If you've found yourself waiting for a bus longer that usual or noticed the longer queues at bus stops the past few months there is a very simple explanation for this. First in Bristol no longer pay for 'spare' drivers. 'Spare' drivers are rota'd to cover services that are without drivers because the allocated driver can't do their shift because of ill health or other legitimate reasons like family or child commitments.
The company is refusing to pay drivers to come into work to do nothing until they are needed to cover a colleague. Makes perfect sense to the share holders and bosses but if you are late getting into or home from work or school because your bus doesn't show you might wonder where First Bus UKs' loyalties lie. Doesn't look like with the passengers and drivers you may conclude!
So, now you know what to tell your boss/teacher when you show up late for work/study/hospital or doctors appointment/family visit; capitalism does not benefit the majority of people only a small minority of the rich.
Bristol Class War says - don't vote, bash the bosses and the rich who do all they can to make us suffer whilst enriching themselves. If the working class were in control this would never happen!


Activists target MITIE HQ
On the 12th of August, an unknown group of activists attacked the corporate headquarters of asset management company MITIE Group plc in Bristol, causing extensive damage. It is reported that 43 windows were smashed during the night as protesters made their feelings felt towards the company. Two MITIE vehicles were also attacked in Staple Hill and Lockleaze, with tyres being punctures, windscreens smashed and body work damaged. The activists issued a short communiqué via the Bristol Indymedia news site explaining their actions: ’MITIE bosses make money from the recession. They are parasites on councils, the public and their own workers who are exploited … To the MITIE bosses we say feeling nervous, under attack and unsure of the future? Welcome to ProClarity.’ MITIE has been involved in a protracted and bitter dispute with cleaners in the City of London (largely undocumented and migrant worker) over pay and conditions, sacking those who have attempted to organize under the Justice for Cleaners campaign. They have also colluded with the Borders Agency and immigration police in the detention of nine cleaners who supported the ongoing campaign.
MITIE has also been targeted before, when Bristol No Borders organized a noise demo outside the HQ as part of the Co-Mutiny week of autonomous events in September 2009. MITIE, which provides services for the public sector including NHS and education, earned a total revenue of £1,521.9 million last year. Article from Freedom Press.

Shoplifters Are Welcome!

Classics free-shop is the big red and black building on stokes croft that stocks clothes, books, children’s toys, furniture and just about anything else donated by the local community to be taken by people from the area and any interested passers-by.
From our perceptions of the project we see it a perfect example of a free exchange society. It helps people within the community to socialise, cloth and entertain themselves for free, getting things that would otherwise eat into peoples already shallow pockets.
The beauty of this D.I.Y project is that it was started and is maintained by the people with no prior experience in such projects and no real amounts of cash, only a desire to help people and a willingness to put the time and effort in. It’s ran in a non-hierarchical way by volunteers which can be anyone including you! The shop is stocked completely by donations of unwanted items. This system can be replicated by anyone in simply and easily with the determination to build a project within your own community which is beneficial to normal, skint people like you and me.
So come to the Stokes Croft free-shop and bring, take or just look around and have a chat and if you want to help out just ask what needs to be done or when you could volunteer.
The shop is typically open Thurs-Sat, 2-5:30pm but often later.
Watch out for a free-shop coming to a building near you!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Conservative Party Conference

CPC Convergence Direct Action Block.
Bristol Class War will be attending the Conservative Party Conference in October. We will be there to let them know what we think of their cuts.

Sunday the 3rd of October from 12 noon.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

How to get involved

Class War Federation

Want to know how you can get involved, share some local Class War news, get a subscription or file a lawsuit?

W: PO Box 467, London E8 3QX PO
T: 07986 041 207

Other local Class War Groups

Aberdeen Anarchists
Blackpool Anarchists
Cambridge Class War
Glasgow Class War
Halifax Class War
Leeds Class War

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Solidarity with the Tomlinson family Old Market Picket

Saturday the 7th of august we will be picketing Trinity Road police station in solidarity with the Tomlinson family, and with all those who struggle against police oppression and violence.
Trinity Road police station
Old Market
Everyone to the streets!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Solidarity With Mr Ian Tomlinson (CPS Picket)

Taken on the worlds oldest camra phone.

Well the Bristol call out was a bit late so numbers weren't great about 14 (7 BCW). But that's 14 more than alot of other places.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

We don't forgive, we don't forget!

12noon Friday 30th July

Picket against DPP - Solidarity with Ian Tomlinson's Family

If you work, try and get half a day off like many of us are doing. Most importantly spread the word to all your friends and family.

Office of Department of Public Prosecution
Rose Court
2 Southwark Bridge

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First UK are behaving as deviant as ever in Bristol at the moment;
Having cut services across the city to satisfy the greed of their share holders they now have too many drivers. So what do the bastards do?
Offer the drivers redundancy to compensate for the surplus? Do they bollocks!
The envelope industry are doing a roaring trade presently courtesy of Bristols' major public transport operator. Have never seen a passenger complain for years all of a sudden, coinciding with the cuts, the company is oh so concerned with the service they offer to fare payers that drivers are posted complaints about services that don't even exist and things that haven't even happened.
How fucking low can these bastards sink? As if the working class haven't enough to deal with being fitted up by the filth for shit they haven't done without the fucking boss putting the boot in as well?
Bristol Class War wonders who First UK care about the most; their drivers, the passengers or their share holders? Call us cynics but when drivers only hear about trumped up passenger complaints when they want to sack people without paying redundancy we can't help but conclude the shareholders get priority in the whole deal.
Maybe the drivers and passengers should get together and take a leaf out of the British Airways cabin crews' book and tell the CEO of First to fuck off and take the lies, deviancy and propaganda and shove it up their arse and leave the working class alone to do what they do best - their jobs.

BCW Posters

We can manage without you.

In the last 10 years the number of managers employed by the NHS has risen by 84%. We now have 44,660 of these muppets working for us.
There is a huge increase of middle managers. Whose only purpose is to pass on work from one manager to another and then down to us. Bunch of fucking wasters.
BCW has even heard of one Bristol NHS manager whose only experience was working at Phones4you. I’m sure someone who’s only experience has been based around profits and commissions is the perfect person to decide how much a life is worth.

Bristol Banner

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wankers Posters


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

BCW in London

Last Sunday (the 24th) Bristol Class War went for a jolly up to London.
We attended a meeting with Class War groups from Norwich, Halifax, Leeds, Brighton and Southampton, Hereford, Cambridge and London to discuss whats going on locally and nationally.

There was also a meet with people from Freedom Press,Liberty and Solidarity,IWW,Anarchist Federation,Antifa,Camden anarchists,Croydon anarchists and Whitechapel Anarchists about a General Election Campaign.

There is lots planed for Bristol, so look out for us.
Nationally Class War will be holding rally on March 31st in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Poll Tax riot.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Section 5 of the Public Order Act. What a load of bollocks.

This law means if your walking down the street telling your mate what a cunt your boss is and a copper overhears you. The copper can ask you to pay an on the spot £80 fine or arrest you and give you a court date where you could pay £1,000 fine. And this is cause your language may be '' threatening, abusive or insulting''. How vague is that. You could call some one a numpty and that could be seen as ''insulting''.
Now I don't think walking down the street shouting cunt shit fuck and any child that looks at you is alright. But this is just another stupid law that we've managed without for years.
This law also applies to what your wearing. There was a bloke a while back selling 'Bollocks to Blair' t shirts who was fined him £80 for causing harassment, alarm and distress. Now to me the Police uniform causes ''harassment, alarm and distress'', but I don't think I'd ever get £80 out of them.

First things last

Bristols' major bus operator First are offering a wonderful free medical service to their drivers because they are such a compassionate and caring multinational. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. They have contracted private company 'Cotswold Medical' to examine drivers and declare them fit for work when their own GP and consultants have said otherwise. This comes only months after another private medical outfit 'Active Health Partners' (AHP) lost their contract with the company because sickness absence increased. These fucking clowns advised one driver to go to A&E with an ear infection after seeing their own GP and given medication. The driver obediently waited four hours with the seriously injured at the BRI only to be spoken to into his pustulated ear by an indignant doctor to stop wasting their valuable time. He couldn't help but agree and meekly sloped off with an embarrassed glow. So concerned are First Bus UK with the welfare of their drivers that the HR department go out of their way to impoverish them when ill by stopping their statutory sick pay. The deviants only cough up when the definition of 'statutory' is explained to them. Doctors certificates and company documents have been known to magically vanish.

Privatisation of Bristol NHS

Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust is in the process of applying for Foundation Trust Status, which appears to be back door privatization. It is not only NHS Trusts that can become Foundation Trusts. Private company's like Bupa can apply to run services or even the whole of the Trust. Once they have become a Foundation Trust they could outsource some or all of their functions to the private sector. Now the Government are saying that having a Foundation Trust would be better for us (as they always know whats best) because we could become members of the Foundation Trust, have in input into Trust expenses and vote on who goes on the Boards of Governors. So there would be more accountability. Now as we all know the words 'Government', 'Expenses' and 'Accountability' don't really go hand in hand.