Friday, 10 December 2010

Riots and Royals

Repost from Bone

Theres a great clip showing on tv of a group of masked black youths being interviewed…’We come from the slums of London….’ it begins. What has come from the month of protests is the emergence of class consciousness amongst teenagers.It is fucking phenomenol. the rich are targets whether its the Bullingdon Club, the Royals or Sir Philip Green. Yesterday was reminiscent of both the poll Tax Riot and the Gordon riots as a rich hating mob stormed through the streets.The stewards never had any control, the kids acted spontaneosly and everyone rioting was quoting the Poll TaxRiot as the tempate for actionNOT the useless anti-war marches. The candelight vigil and the queue of Labour MPs waiting to address us were binned as ‘not wanted on voyage’.
The kids came with small groups of mates and hunour, inventiveness, tenacity and ferocity. The morning after as the witch hunt begins is not the time to keep our heads down but to up the ante, keep the momentum going and organise the next round of street actions. If the left now bottles it and fails to sustain momentum then its down to the anarchists to organise the next one.Organise and celebrate yesterday comrades…but theres more coming the way of the fucking rich…..much more.’WE COME FROM THE SLUMS OF LONDON’

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