Tuesday, 20 July 2010

First UK are behaving as deviant as ever in Bristol at the moment;
Having cut services across the city to satisfy the greed of their share holders they now have too many drivers. So what do the bastards do?
Offer the drivers redundancy to compensate for the surplus? Do they bollocks!
The envelope industry are doing a roaring trade presently courtesy of Bristols' major public transport operator. Have never seen a passenger complain for years all of a sudden, coinciding with the cuts, the company is oh so concerned with the service they offer to fare payers that drivers are posted complaints about services that don't even exist and things that haven't even happened.
How fucking low can these bastards sink? As if the working class haven't enough to deal with being fitted up by the filth for shit they haven't done without the fucking boss putting the boot in as well?
Bristol Class War wonders who First UK care about the most; their drivers, the passengers or their share holders? Call us cynics but when drivers only hear about trumped up passenger complaints when they want to sack people without paying redundancy we can't help but conclude the shareholders get priority in the whole deal.
Maybe the drivers and passengers should get together and take a leaf out of the British Airways cabin crews' book and tell the CEO of First to fuck off and take the lies, deviancy and propaganda and shove it up their arse and leave the working class alone to do what they do best - their jobs.

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