Saturday, 31 July 2010

Solidarity With Mr Ian Tomlinson (CPS Picket)

Taken on the worlds oldest camra phone.

Well the Bristol call out was a bit late so numbers weren't great about 14 (7 BCW). But that's 14 more than alot of other places.


  1. Good on yers bristol.

    You may think it's only 14 turned out, we think it's 14 people with the balls to come outta internet land and actually back up what they say they believe in!

    Well done!

  2. If I'd known about this I would've come down, where was it?

  3. Sorry I couldn't make this one, was fucked the day before sleepwise. Will get on the article tonight.

  4. It was down the Crown Prosecution Service outside Froomsgate House on Rupert Street. The call out was a bit late. But I think we should do another, on a Saturday maybe?

  5. Good work yep, there should be another demo outside trinity or elsewhere, What about getting other groups in Bristol involved, like the bristol resistance? Anarchists should try and support activities in solidarity with the tomlinson family, and other people who have been subjected to state murder and police brutality.