Saturday, 11 September 2010


Activists target MITIE HQ
On the 12th of August, an unknown group of activists attacked the corporate headquarters of asset management company MITIE Group plc in Bristol, causing extensive damage. It is reported that 43 windows were smashed during the night as protesters made their feelings felt towards the company. Two MITIE vehicles were also attacked in Staple Hill and Lockleaze, with tyres being punctures, windscreens smashed and body work damaged. The activists issued a short communiqué via the Bristol Indymedia news site explaining their actions: ’MITIE bosses make money from the recession. They are parasites on councils, the public and their own workers who are exploited … To the MITIE bosses we say feeling nervous, under attack and unsure of the future? Welcome to ProClarity.’ MITIE has been involved in a protracted and bitter dispute with cleaners in the City of London (largely undocumented and migrant worker) over pay and conditions, sacking those who have attempted to organize under the Justice for Cleaners campaign. They have also colluded with the Borders Agency and immigration police in the detention of nine cleaners who supported the ongoing campaign.
MITIE has also been targeted before, when Bristol No Borders organized a noise demo outside the HQ as part of the Co-Mutiny week of autonomous events in September 2009. MITIE, which provides services for the public sector including NHS and education, earned a total revenue of £1,521.9 million last year. Article from Freedom Press.

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