Saturday, 11 September 2010

Shoplifters Are Welcome!

Classics free-shop is the big red and black building on stokes croft that stocks clothes, books, children’s toys, furniture and just about anything else donated by the local community to be taken by people from the area and any interested passers-by.
From our perceptions of the project we see it a perfect example of a free exchange society. It helps people within the community to socialise, cloth and entertain themselves for free, getting things that would otherwise eat into peoples already shallow pockets.
The beauty of this D.I.Y project is that it was started and is maintained by the people with no prior experience in such projects and no real amounts of cash, only a desire to help people and a willingness to put the time and effort in. It’s ran in a non-hierarchical way by volunteers which can be anyone including you! The shop is stocked completely by donations of unwanted items. This system can be replicated by anyone in simply and easily with the determination to build a project within your own community which is beneficial to normal, skint people like you and me.
So come to the Stokes Croft free-shop and bring, take or just look around and have a chat and if you want to help out just ask what needs to be done or when you could volunteer.
The shop is typically open Thurs-Sat, 2-5:30pm but often later.
Watch out for a free-shop coming to a building near you!

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