Saturday, 11 September 2010

We’re First, your Last, We’re

First UK shares are doing well at the moment, what an unsurprising shame that the services aren't improving and drivers pay and conditions are worsening.
If you've found yourself waiting for a bus longer that usual or noticed the longer queues at bus stops the past few months there is a very simple explanation for this. First in Bristol no longer pay for 'spare' drivers. 'Spare' drivers are rota'd to cover services that are without drivers because the allocated driver can't do their shift because of ill health or other legitimate reasons like family or child commitments.
The company is refusing to pay drivers to come into work to do nothing until they are needed to cover a colleague. Makes perfect sense to the share holders and bosses but if you are late getting into or home from work or school because your bus doesn't show you might wonder where First Bus UKs' loyalties lie. Doesn't look like with the passengers and drivers you may conclude!
So, now you know what to tell your boss/teacher when you show up late for work/study/hospital or doctors appointment/family visit; capitalism does not benefit the majority of people only a small minority of the rich.
Bristol Class War says - don't vote, bash the bosses and the rich who do all they can to make us suffer whilst enriching themselves. If the working class were in control this would never happen!

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